The Focus on the LED Lion Dance

The Lion Dance LED performance requires hard training because the exercises will require high athletic skills and precision, naturally without the slightest error. For example, you will have to stand on a vase, make long jumps and land on benches or poles, without losing your balance.

There are three types of Lion Dance, the North Lion, the Young Lion and the South Lion. The North Lion is circus and also its movements are very different. Of the Young Lion, although there are no precise references, there are hints about the text “The building of the five emperors”, “brandished a mythological animal to drive away the tiger”, in reality it was a frenetic dance of the mythological animal. This is today the dance of the Young Lion.

Lion Dance Singapore

The Origin

The origins of the South Lion date back to the popular tradition, every year, a monstrous beast visited the village, accompanied by the sound of a bronze bell, gusts of wind and a breathed sound called “NianNian”. If the peasants opposed the beast, he ate all the harvest; besides, he did not attack the men, but raided livestock and domestic animals.

In the end, the inhabitants organized themselves and built the body of an animal with some fabric, the choice fell on an animal, because it was thought that only one beast could win another beast. When at the beginning of the year the beast reappeared, all the inhabitants began to make noise using tools, screaming and dancing with the shape made from the material. The frightened Nian beast escaped.

  • This is the birth of “the stuffed animal”, only later, thanks to the studies carried out by the elders of the villages, identified the animal obtained from the fabric like a lion. Given the success obtained on the Nian, the cloth animal was interpreted several times in the “DanzadelNian” and later in the “Lion Dance”.
  • Sometimes it happens to see the fighting fights between Leoni, where the young practitioners of Kung Fu compete. The young spirit is realized in the demonstration of his own ability in the martial movements through the Lion Dance.

Basic elements

Sleeping,this part consists of three moments that are, sleep, awakening and washing. The dance begins with the awakening that represents the awakening of the spirit, of the new dawn.

  • The cleaning that reinforces, removes the image of the old and refreshes. After cleaning every part of the body, shakes the head three times and after having purified (clean), the lion “can” and is ready to give the blessing.

Wake up, now that the lion is in a pure state, he can be seen as a religious hero, he is about to chase the evil spirit. First of all he will make three bows, as a sign of respect and honor. In Chinese culture the three bows are a sign of profound reverence for someone or something. Number 3 is repeated several times in this routine, it is a magic number. The three bows can be connected to the passage of the twelve animals in the history of purification of the building. The three head shaking, instead, indicate the purification of the spirit.