Better Assurance About the Quality of the Used Cars

Having checked the VIN number of the used car before buying it is a very important matter. Proceed to check the technical condition of the car. First of all, you need to contact the service station and diagnose the purchased car. Although the initial technical inspection can be carried out independently many used car dealers change the speedometers to sell a car more expensive. In one year, the simple owner of the car passes an average of 25 thousand km. The aspect of the Seller If the seller begins to talk about the fact that since 2005 the car has driven only 70 thousand km, then it is better to immediately abandon the purchase. It should be remembered that the owner faces the first serious car breakdowns already at a mileage of 140-145 thousand km. For this reason, in the absence of experience as an auto mechanic, it is better not to buy a car made more than 7 years ago. But such a mileage can be a 3-year-old car when using it as a haul truck in a company or in a taxi (in such cars the salon will be pretty shabby). Proper Examinations Carefully examine the driver’s seat, READ MORE