False Myths About Anxiety: You Must Know Them

Perhaps, one of the most constant criticisms as far as anxiety is concerned is the fact that people mess up a lot when they talk about this disorder. There are many fallacies surrounding anxiety problems which can make it more difficult to treat them. These preconceived ideas are a very common reality for those who either suffer from anxiety, or know someone who has it, or think they are about to be diagnosed with this disorder.Have a Look Here!

People with anxiety are frail and sickly

Many people think that having a disorder means being scared or weak and it’s not like that. Although many anxiety disorders sometimes derive from fear, this characteristic is not the only component and in any case, it is not enough to define the person. Anxiety and recurring fears can be seen as walls on either side of a road painted with murals of repentance.


Having anxiety is not for much

Anxiety is not something you can or should hide under the carpet. Anxiety disorders may be accompanied by other diseases such as depression and addiction problems. In the case of children and adolescents it is often difficult for those involved to talk about their anxiety, because they do not understand that it is something serious. After all, children with anxiety do not get that much attention, they do not go around causing problems, so they tend to ignore their condition.

Anxiety problems have their origin in a sad childhood

People are also wrong to think that anxiety always derives from a situation in the past. While it is true that past experiences can influence anxiety. It’s not that a difficult childhood has nothing to do with the disorder. The problem is that a complex childhood can be related to many different aspects, not just anxiety. Some people have a great childhood and they suffer from anxiety. Most of the specialists propose a therapy based on the here and now, instead of making the patient concentrate on their past experiences. Some studies have also shown that meditation and reflection practices can help reduce levels of anxiety and mental stress. People who suffer from anxiety should limit themselves to avoiding what causes their fear

Conclusion: Having a drink can calm a person with anxiety

Although many people believe otherwise, it is not advisable to give someone a beer with anxiety to calm down. In fact, the only thing that can be achieved is that the situation worsens. In the short term, maybe it works, but in the long term it can become an addiction. In the long term, it can be dangerous because these substances can reinforce anxiety. Despite the risks, most people suffering from some type of anxiety try to alleviate it by self-medicating. A lot of people think that anxiety is not something that needs to be addressed. However, it is important to treat anxiety especially in children and adolescents and if it is not treated, it can increase the risk of depression.