A roof to protect against storms: it needs to be strong

More and more unpredictable and capricious wind often becomes the storm. In this scenario, the regulation provides additional protections. In the opinion of a manufacturer of hooks, the hanging of all the tiles is justified only in risk areas. On the other hand, the installation of the under-roofing screen is unanimous whether or not the house is in an exposed area. For a modest additional cost, this flexible film protects the insulation from infiltration of water, snow and dust and reduces the wind uplift of the roofing elements. Also, when the cover is accidentally damaged, the screen momentarily protects against water infiltration. But be careful, it does not guarantee to seal. Ask your professional roofer for any updates regarding roof maintenance.

What is the best roof insulation?

Most often, new home roofs are insulated from the inside. When the attic is not built, the insulation is unrolled or blown onto the floor of the attic. When the loft is converted, it is almost always placed under the crawling roof in two layers crossed, hidden behind plasterboard. However, in the case of converted lofts, the isolation from the outside with mono-bloc caisson and allows a quick laying of the cover. Besides, depending on the decor there are no finishes to predict. In a single operation isolated attics are ready to be covered while at the inside, the crawlers are dressed and finished.

Home Improvement

How to avoid heat under the roof?

It is when the sun is at its zenith that it enters through the roof windows in the attic and often the heat is then trapped inside.  The only way to evacuate the heat without air conditioning is to create a good draft. To prevent the heat from invading the attic, it is essential to choose the glazing of its roof windows to keep them closed and to block solar radiation by equipping them with shutters. Thanks to its reflective surface, a metallised under-roof screen can return about two-thirds of the heat absorbed which reduces the heat transfer through the roof and therefore the interior temperature of the attic. How to install the system to reduce the attic heat at a minimum? The Toronto Roofing Contractor has the perfect solutions for the problem. Their expert professional roofers suggested you the best idea to make your roof stronger and absorbed the lowest heat possible. In this way, you get not only the perfect insulated roof but also the roof with the longer lifespan.

Conclusion: And why not a garden on the roof?

A vegetated cover is installed on a roof terrace, previously sealed or on a sloped roof if the system allows it. This is particularly suitable for ceilings with slopes between 9 and 60%. The waterproofing is achieved with profiled plates attached to the frame on which pre-cultivated tanks are placed that cling to each other by interlocking. It only remains to let grow, still planning some watering, at least the first year.